Bates Director of Admission Gives Advice on Essay

“Take me out of my office and into your life for five minutes.”

Bates College Director of Admission Darryl Uy shares his advice on writing your admissions essay in a video. Click the link for more of his tips!

The Main Point of Your College Essay

The admissions essay is typically the most stressful component of applying to college. Learn about the importance of sticking to one clear, concise point in your essay here!

Top 50 US Colleges that Pay off the Most in 2019

With the rising cost of tuition, it’s become more and more important for students to understand what their “return” on their investment will be. Find the list of the top 50 US colleges that pay off the most here… you might be surprised!

A College Guide for Nontraditional Students

Each year, the number of nontraditional students enrolling in colleges and universities across the country is growing. Nontraditional students are students who did not enroll in college directly after high school; rather, they may be older, have families, are returning to finish a degree program, etc. Check out this all-encompassing college guide for nontraditional students!

There’s More to College than Getting In

“There are durable ways to invest in children that will help them thrive in college and beyond. As the Varsity Blues scandal works its way through the legal system, the broader question is whether there’s a productive path out of the current admissions madness—a way to fill students not with anxiety, but with a deeper devotion to learning.” Read more here!

10 Things to Do in the Summer Before College

So, you’ve gotten into your dream school… now what? The Quad provides 10 key tips for making the most of your summer before college in this article!

SAT Adversity Score

Recently, the College Board has announced that they will be adding an “Adversity Score” based on a calculated index to each individual students’ SAT score report. This adversity score takes into consideration a student’s social and economic background. Learn more about its implications here!

Elite Colleges Announce Record Low Admission Rates

Amidst the recent college admissions scandal, admission rates at some of the country’s most elite institutions have hit record lows. Yale’s admission rate dropped to 4.9%, Harvard’s dropped to 4.5%, and the University of Southern California was down to 11% this past year. Read more about what the college admissions scandal means for elite admissions here!

The Top 10 Resources for Parents of High School Students

As the parent of a high school student, you may feel as if you have to do more work than your student just to stay up-to-date with all of the changes in technology, the classroom environment, and especially the college admissions process. CollegeVine listed their Top 10 Resources for Parents of High School Students here!

College Involvement is Just as Important as Where You Go

“What students do at a college matters much more than where they go”. Students often worry about the “brand name” of a university they attend, rather than focusing on how they will apply themselves both in and out of the classroom once they get there. Great read on college involvement here.