Career Coaching: Our Approach

In many cases, our next generation begins their career path from the moment they make higher education choices. Career planning in today’s 24/7 workforce requires constant, continuous effort, updating and refocus, not to be saved for “senior spring” where it becomes a mad dash for a paycheck after graduation day. This principle is the same for anyone entering the job market whether they’ve been working before or have taken time to pursue other interests or responsibilities.

Next Generation Consulting provides guidance and mentorship in an ongoing effort to help our clients through all phases of their ultimate career plan:

  • Discovery: We help identify strengths, interests and talents. (WHO am I?)
  • Exploration: Beginning the process of finding out what opportunities exist in today’s job market that may suit our clients. (WHAT do I want?)
  • Objectives: What skills, certifications, training or degrees are required to achieve our clients’ goals? What education levels and requirements are necessary? (HOW do I get there?)
  • Schedule and Action: Get moving! (WHAT is my plan?)

Our Career Planning program aims to prepare our new workforce by arming our clients with the skills they need to build and grow their own individual and professional network, secure internships and jobs, and easily adapt within any professional environment.

Next Generation Consulting provides a powerful set of tools that are proven to help clients become more comfortable navigating their ultimate career landscape, and empowering them to stand out among today’s competitive internship and job market.

All services complement and hone our clients’ natural abilities in an anxiety-free environment. We provide real world guidance to prepare for corporate culture and expectations, refining soft skills and encouraging fundamental life skills that will help job seekers to seamlessly manage career challenges, and ensure that they secure professional opportunities to thrive as accomplished and successful adults.

Our clients have confidently landed high profile internships and visible jobs at prestigious small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Services Include:

  • Professional Efficacy and Etiquette: Identifying and grooming clients’ soft skills and fundamental life skills to help them seamlessly transition into the workforce.  Focus on punctuality, polish, confidence, communication skills, time management, organization and planning ahead.

  • Resume Building: Actively plan and pursue part-time jobs, internships, tutoring opportunities, local/state/national programs, community service, extracurriculars, service opportunities.

  • Career Counseling: Hone in on your burgeoning talents, interests and strengths to discover your optimal internship and career options in today’s workforce.

  • Resume Polishing: Learn how to build and continuously maintain resume versions and cover letters to achieve individual goals.

  • Interview Experience: Actual interview role playing, mastering interview communication, nailing the dreaded phone interview, improving focus and concentration.

  • Public Speaking: Sharpening overall confidence in communication, presentation skills and both professional and social interactions.

  • Networking Opportunities: Learn how to make a continuous networking plan and follow it through.  Discover local mentorship and make professional connections while actively and exponentially building out your own network.

  • Goal Setting: Discover and learn effective and flexible strategies to plan for a dynamic future – both short term and long term.